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  5. "Huh, laskussa on iso virhe."

"Huh, laskussa on iso virhe."

Translation:Whoa, there is a big mistake on the check.

July 1, 2020



Shouldn't bill be accepted too?


Yes! Check the sentence for other errors and if there aren't any, hit the "report" button, and check, "My answer should be accepted."


I hate being marked down on misspelling non-words like 'Huh'


I wrote 'Hey, there's a big mistake in the bill' because this is what I would say if my bill was wrong. I would not use the word whoa.


Me neither - my name's not Bill OR Ted. And "phew" is a bit Billy Bunter / Just William. Have reported saying that "wow" should be accepted. Surely that's a fairly universal and catch-all exclamation of surprise in English speaking circles?


'whoa there is a huge mistake in the check' should be an option too imo


Ok, I knew the Finnish, but it didn't like how I phrased it in English.

"Whoa, the check has a big mistake."

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