"Notre relation était belle, mais plus maintenant."

Translation:Our relationship was beautiful, but not anymore.

July 1, 2020

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Why is it ‘plus maintenant’ and not ‘pas maintenant’ or ‘non plus’ - doesn’t ‘plus maintenant’ mean ‘more now’?


No, you took the wrong meaning of 'plus', here it doesn't mean 'more'. To get the idea you are suggesting, you would have to add 'encore'. Notre relation était belle, mais encore plus maintenant.' (all the more now).


I put ...'but not now' and this was marked incorrect.


I didn't get the "not anymore" bit of this expression either. Based on what I have learned up to now, I would have imagined that "plus maintenant" translates to "more now". I did a little research that helped a bit but didn't exactly provide the comfort that I was looking for. I couldn't determine what the dependencies are, but, apparently, "plus maintenant" may be translated as "not anymore" and at times "more now". When "mais" is added, as in "mais plus maintenant", however, the expression seems to always translate to "not anymore, no more, or some equivalent expression". I hope someone else can offer some clarity!


When did people start spelling any more as anymore? It looks odd to me.


Agree with AliciaLynn. Some explanation is required. Surely "pas maintenant" is in more general use.


"pas maintenant" is different from "plus maintenant. "Plus maintenant" is definitive (it's finished for ever) ; "pas maintenant" means in that moment. For example in a conversation : 'I would like to talk to you' 'non, pas maintenant'.


I translated it as no longer now. Surely that's correct, Duo?


Now and anymore are the same meaning in this context!!!!!!!


Three in a row without sound -- so I am out because I couldn't guess them.


How does "plus maintenant" fit here ?


Is gave as an answer "Our relationship was beautiful, but it not anymore." This was accepted, but with the comment that there was a typo and it should have been "Our relationship was beautiful, but its not anymore." This does sound more natural, but the word bank did not contain the word "its". ❤❤❤??

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