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Issues with language selection


after coming back to Duolingo after some lazy time - good the owl is still around ;) - i still experiencing a minor issue concerning the selection of languages. Actually this is the same behaviour I tried to bring up some months ago.

I am registered to three courses. english-spanish, english-german, german-english. One of those is from the incubator. Too bad I cannot attach a picture to make my point a little easier. The thing is: the pop-up menu next to the avatar picture shows either two of the courses (german and spanish in this case) and not the third, or just one (englisch). Changing between those is possible by using the settings/language dialog only. That 's getting quite clumsy doing it day by day.

Anything to do about that?

Thanks and best regards

August 5, 2014



It's slightly faster to put this link in your favorites : https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction.


Just to add to what stwel recommended, my favorite way to access the language list is through the language portal-badge on the home tab. I made a post about it earlier: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3996266 I hope this helps! ^_^

PS you can ignore most of what the post says because your issue isn't getting lost. Mainly, I just want you to know where your language portal-badge is located.


Thanks for the hints. Could try to do it that way... still I do believe this could be properly solved by Duolingo developers :) Maybe the will fix it now and then.


Even the posts in the discussions is not reflecting the choosen courses properly. I really dont see why they are not merging those two identities...


Oh! That! Yeah, they only show the flags for the courses that share a base language when you are signed into a course with that base language. I don't know if they plan to change this. But, yeah I know what you're talking about. Thank you for the clarification. ^_^


Ok, here is the thing. Depending on which course I used last on the website (actually it's two of the courses (german and spanish, both from english) and the third (english from german)) the available courses on the android app change too. So whenever I leave it the english from german setting in the browser I get just this one in the app and vice versa.

So I am more and more inclined to say, that is not just a minor glitch or annoying lack of usability. This is a bug ;)

I guess I'd like it very much if this could get fixed now and then.

And one other thing while we're at it. It should be really possible to keep the user interface for any given account in one user-defineable language. If I were to pick "learn german - know russian" I'll get a russian UI. I do understand the idea behind that with regard to native russian speakers, but it should be a near-to-zero effort to make the UI language a configurable setting to be picked by the user.


The discussions we are able to see are based on which ones we are subscribed to. We carry our subscriptions with us no matter which course we are signed into. Additionally, the only thing translated during localization is the website, not posts created by individual users. Those posts retain the language originally assigned by the user who authored them.


Ok, I think were not on the same page here. Of course I was not refering to the language of the postings. No one is going to translate them ;-) That much is pretty sure. Concerning the discussions I was simply refering to the icons next to the avatar and your name. Now I see two for me (spanish and german) - if I am logged into the german-english course I see none. So in short this is simply not very consistent. But those icons are really just a minor issue.

What's bugging every day is the issue in the top post with regard to the selection of courses done. I just fail to see the benefit of the current way it is handled ;) Hope I got that straight this time.

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