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Number of sentences translated.

I continue to regret the loss of the icon that indicated the number of sentences translated. I found it such an incentive - and am finding I am not motivated to the same extent to do translations any more. Sounds silly, doesn't it, that one wants to see the progress one makes .... but the truth is, that it is so. Is there no way that that can be re-introduced? Obviously it is still being counted because I see on my newly downloaded Apple App that it still shows there. Would love it if you could bring it back to PC version. (I would not like to lose any of the current icons, so some rearrangement may then need to be done). Thanks for listening and extra thanks for a great program .... I simply love it!

May 13, 2013



I like the streak more, but I would appreciate some translation statistics, too. It could be shown in the Immersion section.


olimo, what is this 'M' shown next to your login name?


I agree. I preferred seeing that to seeing my current streak. Seeing the number of sentences I have done would motivate me to go do some more translations.


I asked about this during the updates to the german tree. I was simply told it had been replaced by the streak icon, which was obvious. Why can't it be optional or just alongside the streak flame.


Yep, I agree, it was a great incentive!! Try getting it back please :)


Hopefully Duo. is listening. Still keeping track of translation totals. If translation totals were shown again, more learners might be encouraged to try some translations. Some of us feel translation totals were a helpful learning tool. Please add back again.


What I don't get is that it's a stat on the iPad. I miss it too :(


I agree. Some aggregated representation of progress on translated documents would be nice.

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