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  5. "Kenellä on oma poni?"

"Kenellä on oma poni?"

Translation:Who has a pony of their own?

July 1, 2020



The answer should be "Who has a pony of his/her own?"


Those are also options but "their" is just as valid. The singular "they" is commonly used as a gender neutral alternative when referring to an unspecific person or when the gender of the person being referred to is unknown.


I'm a bit confused here. In the tips some lessons ago there was this example: "Meillä on oma asunto. We have an apartment of our own./We own an apartment."

So even if "We have an apartment of our own" sounds somehow better for me, I still learned that this construction could be translated as "We own an apartment."

My question is: Is there any explanation why "Who owns a pony?" is marked as wrong?

Thanks :)


Is that a Seinfeld quote?


Why kenellä? Not kuka or ketkä? Is there three different who in Finnish? Why are we using this one in this sentence?


Because adessive case is required to express possession of something. The structure of an ownership clause is as follows: The owner in adessive case + the verb "olla" in 3rd person singular, which is "on" in present tense + the owned thing in nominative or partitive case.


Kenella - this is a new word and should be yellow, right?


Don't you mean purple? But it has been introduced a few examples earlier.

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