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"Metsässä kasvaa puoli miljoonaa kuusta."

Translation:There are half a million spruces growing in the forest.

July 1, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Kuusi > kuusta, kuu > kuuta


    Do Finnish speakers use numbers rhetorically, the same way we do in English? - - "When I arrived at the store there were a million people lined up outside, so I left and came home."

    Of course, in the sentence in the exercise, the speaker could be a silviculturist estimating the number of spruce in a particular forest based on some sort of professional judgment.


    Of course you can exaggarate numbers. I find it interesting that there would be a language that doesn't allow that. If someone knows of any, it'd be fun to know. :)


    What is wrong with "A half million spruce grow in the forest"?


    That would be Puoli miljoonaa kuusta kasvaa metsässä. Not much difference.


    Exactly. So why is it marked wrong?

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