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  5. "This veranda is warm."

"This veranda is warm."

Translation:Tämä veranta on lämmin.

July 1, 2020



This reminds me a discussion I once was in, about the differences between "veranta", "kuisti", "terassi", "patio", "porstua" ("parveke" didn't enter it because yes, it is only on higher floors): there are some differences how people understand each but the distinctions are quite small.

Though in housing layouts and e.g. selling ads people don't necessarily use kuisti, preferring more upscale veranta, terassi or patio, in normal speech I'd think kuisti is the most common word :)


Why is the translation of kuuma instead of lämmin false? It means both warm.


'Kuuma' is more like hot. Maybe it doesn't feel as nice as warm, which is 'lämmin'


When is tässä and tätä used in place of tama?

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