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"Nuo viikingit pelaavat amerikkalaista jalkapalloa."

Translation:Those Vikings play American football.

July 1, 2020


[deactivated user]

    There was no translation for "American"


    Perhaps the translation is using American English. American football is just football to Americans.

    [deactivated user]

      Sure, but this is a Finnish lesson, surely there needs to be some cultural context!

      They use "soccer" in later examples also.


      "Soccer" is the American word for what most non-Americans know as "football", so that would be American vocabulary as well. But I've also seen at least one instance of "jalkapallo" being translated as "football" instead of "soccer", so it seems like the usage of American English is not consistent.


      You should be able to translate amerikkalainen jalkapallo with both "football" and "American football". If that's not the case, report it. The course is supposed to be in American English, but, unfortunately, every team member uses some other variety of English, so there can be some inconsistencies in the main translations (like "football" v. "soccer"). We are working hard to get everything nice and consistent. To help us, keep reporting any oddities you may find in the course by clicking on the flag icon. :)

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