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"Onko Elsa hyvä jalkapallossa?"

Translation:Is Elsa good at soccer?

July 1, 2020



football should also be accepted


Both "soccer" and "football" are accepted. Please check your answer for other mistakes. :)


Why isn't "in" accepted in place of "at"? Seems the same to me.


When you want to express that you are well capable of doing something, the usual collocation is “to be good at something”. There are some idiomatic expressions where “good in” is appropriate, but those are rather rare.

[deactivated user]

    Still not correct, it should be jalkapalloa


    Partitive case for "jalkapallo" should be used only if this sentence is phrased as "Onko Elsa hyvä pelaamaan jalkapalloa?", as in "Is Elsa good at playing football?". Without the verb, inessive case is needed.

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