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Progress quizzes

The only course I've used them before is in the Norwegian course, and the first time was after completing the tree to level 1. Usually they are too easy and even though I make no mistake I never get a better grade than 3.

But now with the Finnish course, it's the opposite. I get questions with vocabulary and grammar I haven't learnt yet, and so it feels like entering random words most of the time. Is this an issue with the Finnish course? Or an issue with how Duolingo implements them in general?

July 1, 2020



I'm surprised that Norwegian was not like that. In most languages the Progress Quiz accesses your progress of the whole tree - so getting unknown vocab and grammar is not unexpected. Maybe you didn't notice with Norwegian because it shares so much with English.


How does the quiz accessing my progress of the whole tree leads to unknown vocabulary and grammar? Shouldn't it be the opposite? There's no point in checking my progress if it's to throw me words I've never met before...

)Also, I don't get unknown vocabulary in Norwegian because I completed the tree before doing my first progress quiz. However, in Norwegian, so far I only got vocabulary from the first half of the tree in the progress quizzes. I can guarantee you I would notice if there was some vocabulary from the more advanced skills. I'm far from having mastered the vocabulary of the end of the tree (even though all skills are at least level 3) and doing a progress quiz is far more similar in difficulty to doing an early skill than a late one. Norwegian might be similar to English, but that's mostly helpful at the beginning with the simple vocabulary. By the end of the tree, English doesn't help that much and the exercises are actually quite tough.)


I never designed it - it is how it is. In many ways testing "progress" on just what you have done seems pointless though. You know what you have done - you have the crowns and hopefully you used the hover method so it is pretty firm. But how are you progressing through all the material?


Well, that's what I'd like to know: how I'm progressing, whether I remember or not what I've learned so far. Unfortunately, the progress quiz doesn't allow checking that in Norwegian or Finnish. One is too easy, the other asks me mostly things I haven't learned. So far it just seems broken.

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