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Progress lost in Animals (Portuguese)

I've noticed that my progress in Animals was once again lost. I don't know if it's the result of not studying on a daily basis, but I would think that my progress would be saved regardless. I don't have the time to study every day, but when I do make progress, I don't want to have to retake a test I already passed (more than once, since this isn't the first time).

August 5, 2014

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Hi galenide14,

I'm not part of the tech team, but they will need you to provide some extra information in order to help you. So, whenever you post to Troubleshooting, it's always good to include what operating system and browser you were using when encountering difficulty. (For example, I'm using Windows7/Firefox right now.) You can still edit your main post, add this information, and then save it.

Next, when you say that you lose progress, do you mean your skill goes from gold to not gold, or that all of the green check marks disappear from below the lessons and you aren't allowed to progress to the next skill anymore? (If you have a before and after progress reset screenshot, that would be really helpful!) Skills do deteriorate if you don't continue practicing them. (The skill loses it's gold look and the little meter on the left side of it loses bars. This is normal. However, if the lesson completely resets itself and you lose the green check mark, that likely indicates a glitch.)

Good luck! :)

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