"J'ai acheté une jolie nappe pour le repas de Noël."

Translation:I bought a pretty tablecloth for the Christmas meal.

July 1, 2020

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I think that native English speakers would say, ".. for Christmas dinner." in this context whether they meant the midday or evening meal.


Dîner = dinner

Repas = meal


That's true but "Christmas meal" sounds pretty clumsy.

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    You got me googling because I have the same distaste for Duo's overuse of "meal" in English translations.

    Traditionally the French ate the Christmas meal on Christmas Eve, often late at night after mass. Nowadays it's more often on the 25th mid-afternoon. So it's neither lunch nor dinner. That said, in America, it's the same on Thanksgiving and it's called Thanksgiving dinner so I get where you're coming from.


    But it doesn't translate to English in this case, because the Christmas meal is always dinner, whenever it is eaten.


    I agree - it's like a "wedding breakfast" - you don't eat it in the morning. Christmas Dinner is that big meal (in the UK at least) with Turkey and silly hats - doesn't matter when you eat it.


    Here, here! With all due respect, if the usage is not natural to native speakers (in this case English speakers), why is it being discussed? I wouldn't dare dispute an English translation into French.


    Couldn't Noel just as well be a name? "I bought a pretty tablecloth for Noel's meal". Would that make sense?




    As English is my second language I wonder why The Christmas and not FOR CHRISTMAS?


    The direct translation is "for the Christmas meal" but people in the UK would almost always say "for Christmas dinner". You can even capitalise it to Christmas Dinner because it's such an essential tradition.


    Collins Dictionary describes joli as nice as well as pretty. Therefore, I believe Duo should accept nice as well as pretty and don't mark it wrong.


    I hope it's tasty! We have tablecloths to put on the table, not to eat!

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