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" Haluatteko te juoda simaa vai mehua? Simaa, kiitos."

Translation:– Do you want to drink mead or juice? – Mead, please.

July 1, 2020



Is there any chance we can get "sima" accepted in English as well? It's so uniquely Finnish to me that I would never have thought that it equates to mead.

Similar to how "salmiakki" is accepted as well as "salty licorice".


Sima is absolutely not the same thing as mead. It is classified as a type of mead. Conflating the two makes as much sense as using "dog" as a synonym for "pet".


I agree mead is very much an alcoholic beverage whereas sima hardly is (though it can be). Sometimes the best translation is no translation at all :)


If pulla and mämmi are used here in English translation, why not sima?


In UK English mead is a very specific alcoholic honey-based drink (and rarely drunk); it is not at all the same as, nor a translation of, Finnish sima. The Finnish word should be accepted, not marked wrong.


Agree with you i always thought Mead was an alcoholic concoction from Honey its a liquor .


I have a question about the usage of kiitos. In English (at least in the US West Coast where I am), I might say "Mead, please" but I am just as likely to say "Mead, thank you". Since kiitos is translated to both I sometimes accidentally translate it to "thank you" in scenarios like these (and get marked incorrect). Is the meaning strictly "please" in this context, or is this just a distinction made in the English translation?


Also 'mead /sima thanks' should be accepted here too...?


I was feeling adventurous and tried putting "you guys" for the second person plural. It's what I usually use if I want to make it clear that I am addressing everyone, though I am trying to switch to "you all," but it makes me feel like a Southerner (from the southern US states). Duo did not accept it, as I had supposed would happen. :)


Yeah I also was stuck on this because I just couldn't wrap my head around translating sima to mead because sima is sima. I would love the no-translation sima being added


'Thank you' should also be accepted. It might be an even more polite reply than 'please' in response to such a request.

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