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"Mies toivoo, että saa olla rauhassa."

Translation:The man hopes that he gets to have some peace and quiet.

July 1, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Hopes to have sounds more English then gets to have


    Man, these sentences are strange. I put "the man wishes to be let alone" and it wasn't accepted as a correct answer. I guess I wasn't translating literally enough.


    The sentence to be translated does not contain a word for "some", so why is it included in the correct answer?


    Probably the same reason as KristianKumpula said here before: "To have some peace and quiet is a well-established fixed phrase of English that should be preferred to express this."


    Is rauhassa "some peace and quiet"? Or should there be another word for quiet?


    I had: the man hopes to get some peace.


    To have some peace and quiet is a well-established fixed phrase of English that should be preferred to express this.


    Ok, I see the point of this, but when I see the (- ssa) ending in 'rauhassa' I have learned that would connote 'in peace' but I realize rauha is an adjective and not a noun. I have so damn much English to unlearn to sort this out!


    Actually, "rauha" is a noun. Its adjective sibling is "rauhallinen".


    I put ... gets some p&q


    I wrote as "mies toivoo että hän saa olla rauhassa", just one extra word "hän", then not correct decided by the system.


    Strange. That should be accepted even if the "hän" is a bit unnecessary.


    Yup. The "hän" there makes the sentence ambiguous. If you include it, it sounds like the man wishes that people would let someone else have some peace and quiet.


    I don't agree. I would still think he means himself.


    "Gets to have some...", or just "gets some...". Is the 'to have' really necesarry? Because it was marked wrong.


    As a finn I'd say also ,that the man can be in peace / peacefully. I don't think this course is very well done.


    "to be peacefully" doesn't make any sense though...

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