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"Spanish is a handsome language."

Translation:Espanja on komea kieli.

July 1, 2020



I do not think you can call a language handsome. my finn friend agrees


I'm not sure if you can call a language "handsome", can someone explain if I'm mistaken?


I suppose if you go with the rarer description of handsome, meaning "moderately large, sizeable" -- which is a bit of a stretch. But then it wouldn't be translated into "komea", but more like "laajahko".

Perhaps they were aiming for "magnificent" or "formidable/impressive", which could be translated as "mahtava" or "vaikuttava".


I agree with people here. In English "handsome" is pretty much exclusively used to describe males. While there might be some alternative meanings, they are not used in 99% of cases.


Maybe Duolingo thinks Spanish men are komea.


cant be possible cos' komea means handsone, the clountries are not a person, komea is used for males

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