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  5. "Nalle on nyt surullinen."

"Nalle on nyt surullinen."

Translation:The teddy bear is sad now.

July 1, 2020



Nalle can also be a name for a bear or a dog.


Ohh, why? Anything we can do for the nalle?


How about 'The teddy bear is now sad'? Am referring to the arrangement of the words.


Yes, but there is a strong tendency in English to put time adverbials at the end of sentences.


I wrote "Teddy Bear is sad now".

Is it wrong in English ? "Teddy Bear cannot be his name, even if he is "surullinen" ?

I understand that for the Duolingo software they will keep, "THE", but, if there are English Native here, I am curious about it : Is it possible to take of "the" in this context, or not at all ?

No niin... suomeksi, ei ole tämä kysymys...


If teddy bear is a name then "Teddy Bear is sad now" or , depending on context, "Teddy Bear is now sad" would be correct. If Teddy Bear is sn object then it would be "The teddy bear".


KGBear is watching you, kid

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