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"What size shirt are you looking for?"

Translation:Minkäkokoista paitaa etsit?

July 1, 2020



The word "minkäkokoista" is two different words ("minkä kokoista), not one word; "minkä" as "what" and "kokoista" as size.


I also think it makes more sense to separate these words. But it is not wrong to write them together. http://www.kielitoimistonohjepankki.fi/ohje/125


Is there anything wrong with saying "mitä kokoa" instead of "minkäkokoista" in this context?


You could ask "mitä kokoa etsit?" if you just wanted to ask what size someone is looking for. With "paitaa", however, it doesn't work. You could also ask "minkä koon paitaa etsit?" but that's more unusual.

"Mitä kokoa etsit?"

"Mitä kokoa paita on?"

"Mitä kokoa paidan tulisi/pitäisi olla?"

"Minkä kokoista paitaa etsit?"

"Minkä koon paitaa etsit?"

"Missä koossa paidan tulisi/pitäisi olla?"



Can someone explain why it is minkä and not minä? I'm trying to understand the difference (if it is two words).


minä means I, like in minä olen = I am. Minkä means which/what, like in minkäkokoista = what size


Yes, you are correct... I mistyped.. .meant to ask mitä vs mikä vs minkä


Mikä is in the nominative case. It's often used for the subject. 'Mikä koko olisi hyvä?' "What size would be good?"

Mitä is partitive. The object of a sentence is very often partitive. 'Mitä kokoa etsit?' "What size are you looking for?"

Minkä is genitive or accusative.

Used genitively, it means 'of what'. So 'Minkä koon paita etsit' is roughly "You are looking for a shirt of what size?"

Used accusatively, it's the object. 'Minkä koon ostit?' "What size did you buy?"


I was so proud when in my head I started wit mitä koko...and then realize it's not amongst the options. Minä itken snif snif


Shirt size , not size shirt


I believe that would make it "Mitä paidan kokoa etsit?" in Finnish.


Not a native english speaker, but this "What size shirt" looks/sounds broken, maybe "size of (the) shirt"


Native speaker here. "What size shirt are you looking for" is right. "What size of shirt" sounds weird.


Grammatically someone could say "Of what size are you searching for?" "Of what are you searching for?" So sensing this train wreck of a long grammatical construction coming, they just question with the format of the answer "what size shirt" if that makes any sense.


re Tipari's comment... "size shirt' seems to be correct in American English but 'size of shirt' would be the more common British expression

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