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  5. "Apua! Ilves!"

"Apua! Ilves!"

Translation:Help! A lynx!

July 1, 2020



Just to be clear, don't make a sound if you get to see a lynx in the wild. They are incredibly shy.


Perhaps the lynx was trapped and she called me over to help her to rescue it.


Or maybe she was in trouble and called the lynx for help? Isn't it a possible interpration of this sentence? Especially considering other sentences with animals in Duolingo. In such a case there wouldn't be a in the English sentence though, so maybe Help! Lynx! should also be accepted?


I don't understand, why "Watch out! Lynx!" was correct, but "Help! Lynx!" is marked as incorrect???


First time I've seen apua. Don't really care that's it's not defined explicitly though, cause I'm a context learner.

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