I read an article on Twitter lately from a friend congratulating Duo Suomi for 50K learners in just a few days. it makes me happy especially because I’ve lived in a very Finnish area of northern Michigan and already know some people who speak conversational Suomi.

My question: Why are you learning Finnish? What made you want to learn it? How serious are you about actually becoming conversational? Or are you just checking the language out? This language has been one of the most requested languages on here along with Latin (already out) and Icelandic which probably is one of the next to enter incubator, if we’re lucky. I’d try and complete the course too.

Thank you Team Suomi ! ! !

July 1, 2020


I wanted to learn Finnish because my grandma is from Finland and we are very close. None of her children (my dad and aunt) speaks more than a few words of it. I think its a very cool language, but it will be a challenge to learn it. I really love my grandma and I hope she will apreciate me trying to learn her first language.

P.S Just a quick tip, make the title a bit more detailed so people wont downvote it without even reading it (some people do that, not nice I know)

Nice! My best friend is learning it so I’m learning with him besides I’ve always wanted to give it a shot. I am really enjoying it and plan to study far. You’re right about the title. Serial downvoting is a problem either way. Finland would be a cool place to visit. It’s like the “red-headed stepchild” of the Scandinavian region languages, Thanks for your comment ^ _ ^

I have always wanted to learn Finnish. And the story behind is quite sad. My grandmother (my mother's mom) is from Finland and almost lost her native language, while spending her childhood in foster care in Sweden during the war. But she learnt the language once more, but sadly none of her children have any interest neither in Finnish language or culture. But I have, especially as a child, been very close to her and I love the language (even if I only know a few words) and the culture. And I know she will be very proud if I take on the journey to learn her language.

Finnish was the first language I ever wanted to learn, but I got discouraged before I even started by people saying it was too hard/impossible to learn. Boo them! I'm finally giving it a go now and am already loving it.

I want to learn Finnish because I've been fascinated by Finland for years and it's one of the places I'd love to visit the most. Uralic languages are themselves also very interesting (I've played around with Estonian and Hungarian before) so that's another draw.

I'm not too bothered about becoming conversational, but I'd like to be able to understand Finnish books and audiobooks. If I can end up talking to someone, that's just an added bonus.

Same with me, Finnish was the first language I wanted to learn, mostly because of an online buddy that I spend a lot of time with, the difference for me was that I couldn't find any resources that fit my learning style, while looking around I tried out Duo and the Swedish course, you can guess how much I like it by my progress (Jag älskar svenska och min svensk vänner!).

But now, the dream has come true, Team Suomi have brought us this absolutely great course and it is only in beta! I'm doing my best to not miss a day so I don't miss this momentum and also follow the course as it's being completed.

Kiitos ja onnea!

I studied abroad in Ireland where I met a Finn and fell in love :) He speaks English near perfectly so I don't need Finnish to communicate but I am very interested in learning to not only better understand him and his culture but to have a better time when I eventually visit Finland!

I met a guy from Helsinki but I didn’t know he was from another country for the longest time because he had absolutely no accent when speaking English. He grew up in Finland. I’ve lived around the world including Europe (born in UK), am somewhat of a polyglot and I think I know what to look out for. But yeah, born in Helsinki, first time in USA, sounded like an American guy. Must be because Twitch and video games are so popular so they get a lot of English media? Who knows. I’d love to get peoples takes. Minnesota and upper Michigan have Finnish heritage museums and sites. :) Kiitos, Hei hei

Foreign shows and movies on TV are not dubbed in Finland, only subtitled. As you said, there's a lot of British and American media both online and on Finnish TV, which they get to hear in their original version (with the exception of kid's shows). This definitely builds up the Finn's ability to speak with no accent.

I am from Minnesota! It's a little difficult to explore with current circumstances but I am looking forward to experiencing such things when I find them!

I generally love languages and like to learn them, even if I won't use it much or at all. I like the way it sounds...and I for some reason love grammatical cases. I'm happy with it's lack of gender, articles, and it having phonetic spelling...makes it a breeze vs German or French, even if those are closer to English. I DO want to be conversational in it, mostly because it's nice to know another language. So far, Finnish seems to be sticking with me much better than Dutch or Swedish which are uber close to English.

I get you. There words are unique and sound melodic to English speakers, so it sticks out more and we pick it up quicker. The challenge will be maintaining that level of comprehension. I know that I am pretty far in the German language course but Level 4 stories and I become lost. Need more conversation practice w it i guess. I really like the language family, I was going to do the Hungarian course but I know I’d want to do a Finnish a lot more so I waited. Finnish seems easier and while there is complex word order, at least there is a pattern than one can pick up (unlike in Hungarian, where word order seems to be picked up more from repetition).

I tried Hungarian before...had such a hard time remembering the vocab words lol. Tho yea the language family is pretty neat, the Sami branch especially sounds very melodic, such as Northern Sami.

On a side note too, it's pretty neat to learn another language that's similar to English in the sense of no grammatical gender.

I'm learning Finnish as I'm moving (back) to Finland later this year. I did live there many, many years ago and did know some Finnish. Now my Finnish is really rusty and I'd like to brush up as much as possile before I move. Plus the language is, to me at least, really interesting.

I went as an exchange student to Finland some years ago and kinda fell in love with the language and the culture. I already learned Finnish there and had a quite good level, but I didn't practice that much. This course gave me the motivation back and I am going to get my level back and even improve it. And I will go back to Finland for holiday or maybe to live there some time, who knows !

I've wanted to learn Finnish ever since I found out that JRR Tolkien, my favorite author (just look at my username lol), was fascinated with and therefore also inspired by the Finnish language and Finnish mythology. Any language Tolkien thought was cool is worth learning imo! Due to its influence on The Silmarillion, I decided to read the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic poem (English translation), several years ago. If I ever get skilled enough at Finnish maybe I could try reading it again in its native language, who knows. ;)

I also think that Finland is a pretty awesome country in general and I'd like to visit it someday and learn more about their educational system (which is widely regarded as the best in the world).

Kalevala (in Finnish)

P.S. — The best translation of the Kalevala is in Esperanto. :-)

Tässä pieni esimerkki Elias Lönnrotin kokoamasta Kalevalasta:

Veli kulta, veikkoseni, kaunis kasvinkumppalini!
Lähe nyt kanssa laulamahan, saa kera sanelemahan
yhtehen yhyttyämme, kahta'alta käytyämme!
Harvoin yhtehen yhymme, saamme toinen toisihimme
näillä raukoilla rajoilla, poloisilla Pohjan mailla.

Kalevala on käännetty yli 60 kielelle. Esperantokäännöksen on tehnyt Joh. Edv. Leppäkoski:

Kara frato, koramiko, kamarado kunkreskinta!
Venu kaj komencu kanti, kune nun kun mi recitu,
kiam ni de du direktoj reciproke nin renkontis!
Mi renkontas vin malofte, vi vizitas min ne ofte
tie ĉi, sur tedaj teroj, ĉe l' ekstrem' de l' nordaj limoj.

• The duolingo blog: Finnish: A language to leave you spellbound
Esperanton kirjaimisto

60 kielelle = kuudellekymmenelle kielelle

I have been to Finland a number of times and love the country in the summertime. I love the sound of the language. I like the challenge of the language - it is far from the Romance languages in which I have better than a good toehold already. I have been enjoying the Beta version of the course a lot, warts and all and reporting issues I find. I have no real intention of becoming fluent, just being able to hirple along would be a good start. My Finnish friends have such impeccable English it’s not necessary. Thank you, I love the course.

I became interested in Finland first from reading Arthur Ransome's "Racundra's First Cruise" as a child (admittedly, more about Estonia than Finland), then, more recently, from reading Tove Jansson's "The Summer Book." As a sailor who grew up in the islands of Maine, Finland sounds idyllic. I'm currently pipe-dreaming about leaving the US and moving to either Finland or Sweden --maybe split the difference and move to Åland? In the meantime, learning Finnish (and Swedish) seems like an important first step.

I completed the Turkish tree some months ago and was searching around for a new language. Tried Welsh, but it didn't take. Then I tried Hungarian and I kind of liked it. I'm still doing Hungarian, but at this point I've clearly established that I have a taste for agglutinative, non-Indo-European languages. So when the Finnish tree went up, I started it. So far I'm really loving it!

I never really learn a language because I "need" it. I just like learning languages that I am genuinely intrigued by. I love Finnish because of the way it sounds and how it's one of the most difficult languages in europe, so I really want it to challenge me! Also, I want to learn how to sing this song, cause it's so beautiful <3

Watch also this: Olen suomalainen (Kari Tapio), 7 min

I've always had a fascination with the language and the culture, I don't know why. I think all people have at least one country that they're just like "Yeah, I wanna learn stuff about them!" without being really able to explain it. Visiting Finland has been a dream trip for me for years! I'm even willing to withstand the cold (and I'm from Greece, mind you! The coldest I've been exposed to has been like -5 Celsius), if I can visit during the winter and visit the frozen lakes and, if I'm lucky, see the northern lights! I don't think I'll actually become conversational. I'm confident in English, but even after taking 8 years of German lessons I feel I'm only slightly conversational in it, and I feel I'm "past my prime age" of learning new languages by now. But still I really like coming into contact with Finnish, and learning the way it works, even if I can't fully understand or speak it myself. It's also a great way to learn more about the culture :) My personal goal though is to learn to pronounce it right - and fast. If I manage to sing Ievan Polkka in its original tempo, I'll be so so happy :D

I became very interested in the Finnish language as a child when I met this Finnish artist on Youtube. She had a group of friends on deviantART and they all spoke Finnish together, and it absolutely fascinated me. She's the biggest reason I got into languages in general, too! I studied a good bit when I was about 10, so a lot of the basic stuff on here is refreshing that knowledge for me. Very happy!

I would really, really like to get my master's degree in Finland, so I'm very happy that I can finally learn Finnish with Duolingo! Learning with books only is not so great, because there are so few exercises I can do. Thanks to Team Suomi from me, too! :D You did (I guess you still do) a great job!

That's awesome! good luck with your learning journey of Finnish and Masters!

I am also looking to complete my masters abroad but it will more likely be in France :)

Thanks! France sounds exciting, too! :D Good luck!

I just really want to study in Finland and move there after that... Oh, and also metal music. A bit surprised nobody mentioned it. :D

I am from Estonia so the language is close to me anyway, but now that I have moved to Northern Norway and work a lot with Finnish tourists, I realised how beneficial knowing that language would be. Also, I haven't had an "easy" language learning experience yet so I am fully applying all of my advantages as a fellow Finno-Ugric language speaker in this case.

I want to learn Finnish because my wife is Finnish and although my mother in law speaks some English, I'd like to be able to have a conversation with my father in law.

I have been trying to learn Finnish next to my study but never really got to it due to the complicity of the language. The reason is that for 4 years now I have been in a relationship with a kaunis suomalainen nainen ;). I have visited Finland many times now and it has had a great influence on my vocabulary but forming sentences has always been a major obstruction for me. I have been waiting for this course to be released for quite a while and am very happy to finally be able to get that Finnish going!

The Kalevala and Finnish metal bands

I have a couple of Finnish friends who speak perfect English, and I feel like a schmoid for not at least attempting to return the favour. Also, they assure me that Finnish science fiction is incredible.

I didn't know I wanted to learn Finnish until it debuted in beta and I thought I'd check it out and I immediately fell in love. I once had a Finnish penpal but that was a couple decades ago.

I met a Finn through the Esperanto community and we've been together for almost 3 years now! I've visited the country twice already and it's very beautiful and hope to live there in the near future! :)

I want to learn Finnish because I am moving to Finland indefinitely for studies. Although my studies are in English entirely, I'd like to be able to read essential communication like signs or shop names etc.

If I'm being honest, I don't really know! The closest thing I can think of to an answer would be that I'm really obsessed with the Nordic countries and as you can see from my flags, I want to learn all their languages. Too bad Icelandic isn't out yet :/

I am also learning Finnish. It's a great language, and some of my relatives are from there. Finland is a cool place! You should check out learning the language! I just started learning the language today!

im learning it because it a pretty place and im learning spanish and french

I just love the language. It is as simple as that...

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