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"– Do you want more bread? – No, thank you."

Translation:– Haluatko lisää leipää? – Ei, kiitos.

July 1, 2020



Can it be En, kiitos? It's accepted but with a typo message. I mean, if the question is Haluatko lisää leipää?, then the full answer would be En halua lisää leipää, kiitos, which can be shortened to En, kiitos. Does it make sense?


Eh, technically yeah but since the answer is only "no thank you", "ei, kiitos" is the right way to say it


Really?!? As the above member, I thought the negative form should be adapted to the subject of the question...


Technically, "En (halua), kiitos" would be "I don't (want), thank you". But usually we just say "ei, kiitos" or "kiitos, ei".


Is 'sina' redundant here ? I typed 'Haluatko sina' and was marked wrong.


It should be correct, with or without it.


Why is "Haluatko vielä leipää" wrong?


It's more like "Do you still want bread/ do you want bread as well". (to continue to want bread, or to want bread on top of other things)

[deactivated user]

    I wrote "Haluatteko enemmän leipää?". Does anybody know why this is not accepted?

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