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"Haluaisin tuota punaista keittoa, kiitos."

Translation:I would like to have some of that red soup, please.

July 1, 2020


[deactivated user]

    The word kiitos has been omitted from the English translation.


    In this case it should be translated as "please".

    Edit: this seems to have been fixed now.


    Would "I would like some of that red soup, please." work too?


    I may be old fashioned but I was taught in school in the 50's that 'should' should be used when using the first person not 'would'. It should thus be accepted.


    How come we are suddenly polite? Haluan has always been translated as "I want..." .

    So is 'haluaisin' a polite form of haluan or am I trapped in a partative form again??


    "Haluisin" is "haluan" with the -isi- infix inserted into it, which indicates conditional mood and its English equivalent is the word "would". Conditional mood doesn't only express politeness as it can also express conditionality, as the term suggests.

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