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" Voisitko suositella jotain? Sushi on todella suosittua."

Translation:– Could you recommend something? – Sushi is really popular.

July 1, 2020



Could it be "the sushi" here, I think in a restaurant they would say that.


The sushi... Saying just sushi in a restaurant sounds weird. Waiter, could you recommend something? Sure, Italian food is popular.


I feel like "very" and "really" should be interchangeable here; (both stem from words meaning real/true just as tosi does), also the definite article "the sushi" is probably slighty more common than omitting an article, although both should be accepted. Finally (and perhaps controversially), I'd argue that although a big part of this block is about introducing the conditional haluaisin / voisin etc, in practice "could" and "can" are ubiquitously used interchangeably in this sort of context in day-to-day English, so both should be accepted on the reverse-translation (by all means stick with "could" on the forward translation, to prompt for the conditional form in Finnish)

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