"La mariée voulait absolument porter un jean."

Translation:The bride absolutely wanted to wear jeans.

July 1, 2020

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Unless I can work out a way to know where the bloody adjectives and adverbs go, I'm going to switch to an easier language, like Mandarin. Or Japanese. Or Norwegian. This is really getting to me.


A bit hasty Deb. It's not that difficult compared with what you would encounter with the languages you mentioned.


Surely in english one can say, "The bride wanted to absolutely wear jeans" as one is stressing the need to wear jeans." modern speak I know


OK Lizz, how do you absolutely wear a pair of jeans? What would you do differently to wearing jeans other than absolutely?


I thought so too. And I thought the French sentence did the same. But neither are my native language...


That sounds absolutely wrong to me (native speaker) Not 'That absolutely sounds wrong'. This time I agree with Duo. :-)


I am getting the impression that "jean" (meaning denim pants) is pronounced differently by different French speakers. The male voice on here pronounces it like the French name "Jean," while the female voice pronounces it somewhat like the English female name "Jean." Which raises the question: If the voices are computers, how do they end up with different accents?


Poor configuration of the program. Some voices are being allocated the audio data for "jean" and some are being allocated the data for "Jean".


In the one I heard, the audio for the sentence pronounced it like the French masculine name, but clicking the word produced the pronunciation of the English female name.


I put "wanted absolutely" and that was wrong too !


Why is the pronunciation for jeans, sometimes jeen and sometimes jon?


Because the people that produce the audio files sometimes get it wrong.

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