"The prince only thinks about this American actress."

Translation:Le prince ne pense qu'à cette actrice américaine.

July 1, 2020

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C'est Harry alors.


Someone my age would more likely think of Prince Rainier III of Monaco marrying Grace Kelly (High Noon, three Hitchcock movies) in 1956.


Why does 'ne pense qu'à cette actrice' mean only thinks about? It would seem to mean doesn't think about. I would love to understand that phrasing. Thanks!


"Ne + verbe + que" is a "locution restrictive" meaning "seulement", not to be confused with "ne... pas":

  • "Il ne pense pas à elle" = 'he doesn't think about her';

  • "Il ne pense qu'à elle" = "Il pense seulement à elle" = 'He thinks only about her'.

Maybe it helps to think of "ne... que" as 'nothing but': 'He thinks about nothing but her'.


Seulement pense à was not accepted


Try pense seulement à. This is a better word order.


... and Maris Piper ? Is there any truth ...

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Not sure where "que" should be located. I tried "le prince ne pense a que cette actrice americaine " , and it is rejected.

For " thinks about only" , I thought "que " should be as close as possible to the object, hence "ne pense a que " should be the closest.

For "only thinks about", "ne pense qu'a" should be better.

Is this the correct understanding?

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One hour later, I came to this lesson again, and did exactly the same error even after thinking quite a while.

Now I wonder if my answer "le prince ne pense a que cette atrice americaine " is really wrong?

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