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Ho can I download my duolingo dashboard to share with my students?

Hi all, I wonder whether somebody could help me with this. I have been sharing my duolingo dashboard with my entire class by using the snipping tool and just copy the dashboard as it shows on my screen. This year though I have made a classroom of all my four Year 7 classes. At this stage, 65 have "joined". So the class is too large to see on the dashboard and take a screenshot/snipping caption. I have been just taking a snip/picture of the Top 20. The writing is clearly visible for the Top 20. Today I tried the Top 30. It's just ok but the names can't really be read very well. Is there any way to actually download the running XPs for each class? Thank you! Danke! ElkeFrank

July 1, 2020



Hi ElkeFrank,

If you go to the 'Students' tab, and then under 'More details' you choose 'Activity details', you should see an option to download a spreadsheet. Is that what you're looking for? (Note that the spreadsheet includes your students' email addresses. You may want to remove that column before sharing the file with your students, if you don't want them to see those.)


That's great, thank you Altervanda. I wonder whether a spreadsheet would also be possible in order of XPs? At this stage, the names are in alphabetical order, which is ok - but it won't be a leaderboard. I might be too fussy... thanks anyway. :)


Definitely! You can choose the time period and order the columns (just click the column header) before clicking 'spreadsheet', and it will include your preferences.


Would It update automatically? I would love to find a way to share this to my Discord language learning community in a way where they can type in a command (am$lb duolingo as an example of what the command would be) and it would send them an updated spreadsheet. Would this be possible?

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