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"Miksi sinä haluat ajaa rallia?"

Translation:Why do you want to drive rally?

July 1, 2020



Drive (in a) rally is correct in English.


Yes. You drive a car, you don't drive a rally. You drive in a rally.


I just wrote "Why do you want to rally drive," and it was accepted. That would work better as the base translation.


This is some funky English. You cannot drive rally, makes no sense. The best way would be to say "why do you want to race" or "auto race" or at least "to rally drive"/"drive in a rally". Although the word "rally" isn't the best option to describe car racing, as it has very different meaning that are used more frequently.


Yeah, nothing sounds right to me either. Perhaps "drive rallies", "race rallies", or as you suggested "to rally drive". However, "drive in a rally" clearly means something slightly different.

If any petrol heads know the natural way to say ask this question let us know.


I wrote "Why do you want to do rally driving?" and it was marked wrong. To tell you the truth, I don't know what is the natural way to say this in British English since I speak American English, but I thought my answer was at least "good enough."


Previously, rallia was translated on its own as "rally driving" without the need for ajaa. Is there a reason ajaa is being added here now? (Aside from learning a new verb.)


Also interested.


As a British person I would say 'rally drive'


O would sau 'rally drive"


I maintain my position that 'to rally drive' is the way a British person would say it.


I would have thought, based on previous sentences, that maybe this one would have read "Miksi sinä haluat ajaa ralliassa?" Any reason why this could be / is wrong (if it is)?


It would need to be “ajaa rallissa”, first of all. But my understanding is the meaning is kind of different, here it means doing this as a hobby, type of driving, and “ajaa rallissa” seems to mean participating in a race. For example: “ Hän ajaa Rovaniemen rallissa”. I’m not a native speaker, so the explanation can be not great, however, the spelling is something that you got wrong there for sure.


Ah, yes - left the partitive 'a' on by mistake.


I answered correctly and it was listed as wrong?


Are you absolutely sure you have spelled everything right? There must have been some mistake, otherwise you'd get the right answer.

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