Translation:No woman deserves this.

5 years ago



What is the difference between these two?

  • Ninguna mujer merece esto.

  • No mujer merece esto.

5 years ago

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i think this is the best use of ninguna because it is referring to all (women) and i think the spanish "no" is more intended for the english not or don't

4 years ago


Why is 'neither woman deserves this' wrong?

5 years ago


That would be merecen not merece

5 years ago


This would depend on the English - if 'neither this woman nor that woman deserves this' then would be as kd reads it 'Neither woman deserves this'. If 'neither of the two women deserves this' then would be merecen as you indicate and English would be 'neither of the women deserve this' (notice the verb ending in English changed to match the noun correctly as well). My answer 'Not any woman deserves this' should be acceptable as well but it is hard to get all of various translations/meanings.

5 years ago
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