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  5. "Millainen grilli teillä on?"

"Millainen grilli teillä on?"

Translation:What kind of grill do you have?

July 1, 2020



Does grilli mean US English "grill" (UK "barbecue") or UK English "grill" (US "broiler")?


I honestly didn't even know there's a different meanings for this word in different English speaking areas :D Still not really figuring out what is the other meaning, but in Finnish the grill usually means the one you use mainly outside so I guess the US grill/UK barbecue one?


Kiitos for your answer. In the UK "grill" usually means the device on a kitchen cooker (usually underneath the hob and above the oven - some pics) that you place food under and it radiates heat down to the food, you know, like if you were making cheese on toast. Not sure you could make cheese on toast on the American "grill" because the heat would come from the bottom. What would the British "grill" be then?


Oh, I get it now! Finnish ovens also have the grill setting to them and we use that word with it too but often with other words around it to emphasize that it's about the oven. In Finland it's not its own hatch like it looks like in the photos? but just resistors(?) at the top of the oven that can be turned on separately if you want to use the grilling setting.


Cool, thank you. In the UK it can often function as an oven too, so in essence you have two ovens - a big oven at the bottom and small oven and grill combination at the top. Other cookers might have an oven at the bottom and just a grill at the top or just one big oven-grill combo like in Finland.

So you'd use the word uuni for both the "oven" and "grill", specifying with extra words if necessary? In English, I'd call the "resistors" the "heating element" if I was being technical or I guess in everyday non-technical speech, just the (electric) "bars" or the "gas" or "flame"!


Yes, uuni is the oven itself that you use to put stuff in and the knob has a different "grill" setting so we'd just say something like "put it in the oven and turn the grill (heating element) on / use the grill option" (something like "Laita ne uuniin ja laita grilli(vastukset) päälle. /...ja käytä grillaustoimintoa.") or "Käytä uunin grilliä." ("Use the oven's grill."), there's no proper saying nor word to it really, at least not to my knowledge, so you just kinda improvise :D

And then the outside grill/barbecue is just "grilli" like I explained earlier, and this works either with fire or electricity and usually has a lid of some sort.

And yes, I think I meant the heating element, my dictionary just wasn't suggesting that word at all and everything else seemed bit too weird too, but that's definitely what I meant. In Finland most oven and stoves use electricity instead of gas (tbh I have never heard of gas stoves in Finland, but maybe they exist somewhere here? Before electricity people used stoves and ovens with firebox and/or masonry ovens.), but I'm not an expert so I don't know if gas stoves use gas also with the ovens.


@MCRmadness You have a choice of electricity or gas here for the hob, the grill or the oven, or you can have a combo (e.g. gas hob, electric oven).

Kiitos paljon for your thoroughness. Who knew a little would like grilli would have so much to say about it? :)


Definitely should have accepted barbeque here.


This should not be "incorrect"!

What kind of barbeque do you have?


I put, "What is your grill like?" Isn't that ok? (It was rejected.)


I don't understand either. In other sentences "What is ... like?" is ok.


And nobodys picked up on how random the question is


The audio sounded like "grilli" on tgis device.

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