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"Max a mis un collant pour faire de la gymnastique."

Translation:Max put on tights to do gymnastics.

July 1, 2020



Put on tights or put tights on - same thing


Elsewhere, DuoLingo accepts the preposition coming after the verb. I thought it would do the same here. Strictly, of course, DuoLingo is right.

Recently, in a "light-hearted" part of the newspaper, the Guardian has highlighted headline errors like this: "Police shoot dead intruders."


Is the word "collant" used to refer to the type of leggings a gymnast might wear, or is this just a sentence using a word we're learning for hosiery? (I suppose, strictly speaking, the gymnastic leggings are also hosiery, but I hope you understood my intent)



"Max put on tights for doing gymnastics." This answer was not acceptable and I'm wondering why.


Duo is not saying your answer is unacceptable. But it is not included in the computer's incomplete list of accepted answers. You can report "my answer should be accepted". If is reviewed and accepted you'll have the satisfaction of a confirmation. If not you won't know why unfortunately.

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