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"Eu ficaria feliz se os dois se encontrassem."

Translation:I would be happy if the two met.

August 5, 2014



The first hint is "find" and I used it in the tense that Duolingo prefers- "I would be happy if the two found each other" (correct would be "find") but it was marked wrong. It is common to say, "I hope that they find each other." which goes further than, "I hope that they meet.," which could just be a fleeting moment. "Find each other" carries more meaning in that they really get to know each other in a lasting way. Why would I be happy if they just "met"? We meet people all the time and sometimes just exchange names and speak in pleasantries, then never see them again or build a relationship. Also, "met" is incorrect here as it should be "meet" in this type sentence.


In Portuguese "encontrar alguém" has no deep sense. It's just "to meet" or "to find (in space)" (like find among the crowd, find around the corner).


I think "met" is right and "meet" would be wrong.


What could be wrong with: I would be glad if.....


I put "I'd be happy if the two would meet" which isn't the greatest English, but means the same thing. It suggested "I'd be happy if the two FOUND." You can't say that in English though. (I'll report it.)


"I would be happy if the two found." was given to me as the correct translation. Hey come on! It does not make any sense!


it would be natural in English to say, "I would be happy if they got together" I find it confusing to know if a literal translation is required or if they are looking for the natural English phrase equivalent


The given English needs "of them" before the "met".


I'm pretty sure that the correct translation is "I would be happy if they both met" os dois is the brazillian portuguese form of saying both but typically only in the written language and not in spoken language. The se preceding encontrassem refers to meeting themselves. Hope that makes sense and that I'm right.


Could you use this translation: "Eu ficaria feliz se os dois se conhecessem"?


I think it should also be accepted.


I would be happy if those two met each other.

Marked wrong.

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