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  5. "Oho! Kaunis museo!"

"Oho! Kaunis museo!"

Translation:Oh! A beautiful museum!

July 1, 2020



Wow! a beautiful museum! Should be accepted as a correct answer. Although it does sound strange "oh" or no "oh"


I live with a Finnish woman and she denies that "oho" translates to "oh wow". It's just "wow".


Does she happen to be an expert in the English language as well? There isn't such a significant difference between "wow" and "oh wow" that they need different translations.


Sarcasm is the best way to teach any language, thank you! Oho should be translated oops. Oh = oi, voi, voih Wow = vau, vautsi,


"Oho" can express surprise, amazement, and acknowledgement of a mistake or accident. Therefore it can definitely translate to more than one interjection. Other possible translations that I can think of off the top of my head are "whoa", "wow", "oh", "oh my", "oh wow", and "whoops". When it comes to "oh", it can have even more translations. It can, among other things, express...

  • ...surprise, in which case it can translate to "oho"
  • ...amazement and awe, in which case it can translate to "vau", "vautsi", and "oho"
  • ...affirmation, in which case it can translate to "aha", "jaha", "ai", "aijaa", and others
  • ...annoyance, in which case it can translate to "voi"
  • ...pain, in which case it can translate to "au", "auts", and "ai"
  • ...scepticism, in which case it can translate to "vai että" and others

Context is often crucial in determining the appropriate translation when it comes to just about any utterance.


Hard to know what duo wants .its early days but some of this is very irritating . what a beautiful museum .....not acceptable come ON. Also where Is your thesaurus ????


"What a beautiful museum!" could be translated as "Miten kaunis museo!" or "Kuinka kaunis museo!". I'd personally also include "oi" (oh) in the beginning ("Oi miten kaunis"/"oi kuinka kaunis").

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