Translation:Is anybody around?

4 years ago



Hallo? Is er iemand? Hello? Is anyone there?

Hallo? Is er iemand thuis? Hello? Is anyone home?

Hallo? Is er hier iemand? Hello? Is anyone here?

Hallo, is er hier iemand die Nederlands spreekt? Hello, is there anyone here who speaks Dutch?

3 years ago


I think this should just be "Is there anyone?" because it really depends on the context you say it in, right?

4 years ago


I don't quite understand why 'is anybody there?' is not correct? Could somebody please help to explain?

4 years ago

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It should be accepted, you can report it.

4 years ago


As a native dutch speaker, you ask if someone is here, closeby as in the same room, park. If you say ' is anybody there' you ask if there is someone i.e. in another city, house, room, not closebt

2 years ago


And what's wrong with "is there anybody around"

4 years ago


What would be "is there everyone"

3 years ago

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This would be the kind of question you'd ask if you came in an empty house, wouldn'y you?

3 years ago


Yes. Knocking at the door or entering.

Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMLqse-jxis

Hallo? Is er hier iemand?

Hello? Is anybody here?

3 years ago


Every other time "iemand" has been used, it's been "someone," so that's what I used here, and it's marked wrong. It shouldn't be. With no context (walking into a potentially empty place? Hearing a noise?) there's no reason that "anyone" should be accepted and not "someone."

3 years ago
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