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"Le camping est fermé, trouvons un autre logement."

Translation:The campground is closed; let's find other housing.

July 1, 2020



This English translation is awful. 'housing' is not the right word in this context. Maybe '... let's find another site.' would do? Has anybody a better idea?


The campsite is closed, let's find another place to stay (accommodation).


I agree! In England we would say "The campsite is closed, let's find another accommodation or lodging".


Yes! "...another place to stay," is how it would most commonly be expressed in UK.


In the french sentence, logement doesn't refer to a camping site either.


Google translate gives 'logement' for 'accomodation' but 'hébergement' for 'accommodation'. (And indeed 'housing' for 'logement'.) '... let's find other accommodation' is reasonable English but is it an acceptable translation?


It seems that Duo is insisting on housing in this lesson, even though it suggests "lodging" and "lodgings" when hovering over "logement". I will keep reporting. (3 August 2020)


"lodging" is still unacceptable in March 2021. The current translation is awful. No one would say "housing" in this context in England, and I doubt also in the US, especially in relation to campsite. This advanced French course needs a thorough revision. It is DISHEARTENING to use. You are constantly trying to work out what Duospeak is going to be acceptable, rather than concentrating on a correct translation.


"The campground is closed, let's find another lodging"

Please accept, thanks.


I agree, this is an awful translation. English speakers would say 'another site' or 'ground' if they are looking for somewhere to camp, or 'accommdation' if they are looking for anywhere to stay.


We have "campsites" in England and the EU. Another "site" is required, not "housing", unless you want to pitch a tent indoors (recommended in some far eastern countries, I would add).


Speech recognition on this question is terrible. It took me six or seven attempts for my speech to be accepted when all the others were accepted immediately.


housing is simply wrong. Why are some of the English translations so awkward and the options so rigid


Other accommodation is the right way of saying it. Or another place to stay


No we wouldnt. We'd say "lets find somewhere else to stay". Ive reported it


Better to report it than complain about a course that is, after all, free


Do you know, I really do object, most strongly, to have to use poor UK English in order to be marked correct! You treat us UK inhabitants as second-class citizens!

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