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"Mon ami Ben est plongeur professionnel."

Translation:My friend Ben is a professional diver.

July 1, 2020



Are we talking scuba or like high diving?


I think most of people will understand "plongeur" as the one with oxygen bottles. Now, it's a quite vague word for a quite vast activity so it can be used for several kinds of diving.


Or he works in a restaurant.


I must admit it's the first thing that came to my mind.


My friend Ben is a professional dishwasher.

[deactivated user]

    I had to check the internet for that one. Short for pearl diver which is apparently American slang for a dishwasher. Just curious, is it still used or is historical? The references on the internet are from the early 1900's.


    Audio totally missing on 'slow turtle.'


    NieNieNieNie: here you said the definite article remains when the occupation is modified by an adjective. What's the deal here?


    I'd say it's because "professionnel" is considered part of the profession, like what you described on your link ("producteur exécutif" or "directeur général").

    Using the article here would convey a slightly different feeling, that's very subtle:

    • Je suis plongeur professionnel = my job is professional diver, this answers the question "what's your job?"
    • Je suis un plongeur professionnel = I'm a diver but not of any kind, that's my job, this answers the questions "what kind of diver are you?", the same way you'd say "je suis un plongeur expérimenté", "je suis un plongeur prudent", "je suis un plongeur respectueux de l'environnement".

    Now it happens that "je suis plongeur amateur" literally means it's not your profession, but I'd say the point of that construction is saying it's a real important hobby for you.


    (in case you already saw my answer, I edited it)

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