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Learning Latin

Hey guys, This is a discussion about Latin and a page for anyone learning Latin to be able to talk about it and get help whenever needed, I am not the best at latin, I am still learning and I think this would help a lot of people and be able to talk to others about the best way to learn. Hope you guys enjoy! P.S I will be also posting

July 1, 2020



No problem What i have found helps is when you are doing a lesson, switch to use typing, dont do the word bank because you are actually typing it out and it helps you memorize it, and i have just started two days ago and i am already starting to memorize things. Try this, it may help


Hi Ethan, I'm studying Latin for the first time on Duo. So far, I love it, but it is quite challenging at times. I've been trying to keep track of vocabulary in a notebook I got. This seems to be working pretty well. I also got this PDF on Latin for beginners from someone in the forum file:///C:/Users/Erica/Downloads/BLD_Latin_For_Beginners.pdf Thanks for posting this. Happy learning!


Thank you Erica283181, hope you have fun as you learn!


In case you can't find the book she mentions (she accidentally posted a local link), you can find the text on Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18251

[deactivated user]

    hello , je vient de commencer le latin et j'ai rien compris peu tu m'aider a mémoriser ?


    Pas de problème Ce que j'ai trouvé aide, c'est quand vous faites une leçon, passez à la dactylographie, ne faites pas la banque de mots parce que vous la dactylographiez et cela vous aide à la mémoriser, et je viens de commencer il y a deux jours et je suis commence déjà à mémoriser des choses. Essayez ceci, cela peut aider(using google translate)

    [deactivated user]

      ah ok merci


      you know i study latin more or less


      Hello all, how are is your day, mine is good, good luck with Latin : )

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