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"one bottle of orange soda pop"

Translation:yksi pullo oranssia limonadia

July 1, 2020



So on a different question in this module, I saw the explanation that ketchup and soda are uncountable nouns and so need the a at the end, unless you're referring to a bottle of one of them. This example is pointing out a bottle of orange soda, so why are there still a's at the end of oranssia and limonadia? When do you use just oranssi limonadi?


My understanding (of course, it could be incomplete or just wrong) is that partitive case here works in place of English 'of', i.e. it is 'one bottle of (some) orange soda'. Without 'of' it wouldn't make much sense.

Hopefully some native speaker drops by and comments.

[deactivated user]

    I would really suggest " appelsiini" (orange the flavor) over "oranssi" (orange the color) when trying to teach food items


    True, but there are other flavours of soda that might be orange in colour. Apricot or mango, for example.


    The pronunciation of limonadia sounds off or is it just me


    No, it's not just you. Many have commented on it. It clearly pronounces it like "limoneidia".


    I wrote yksi pullo appelsiinilimonadia, it was accepted but it said that I have a typo and it should be appelsiiinilimonadia (three i) instead.

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