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"He laulavat ja pesevät onnellista koiraa."

Translation:They are singing and washing a happy dog.

July 1, 2020



"the dog" would be better, because they are clearly washing some particular happy dog. But even if you keep "a" there, add "the" to correct answers. Reported.


Should "They sing and wash a happy dog." be acceptable?


No. That would be, "he laujavat ja pesevät onnelliksen koiran". Partitive case objests are indicative of something in progress or continuing, so present progressive is the correct English translation. Simple present indicates a regular practice or something happening in the future, and takes an accusative case object. While simple and progressive present are equally correct in the abstract, the case of the object and any modifiers determine which is correct in context.


auto-tune is here?


Omg I didn't even notice it at first


I agree with all of the below comments. They sing and wash should be OK and a happy dog or the happy dog should be OK, too.

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