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"What kind of dog does he have?"

Translation:Millainen koira hänellä on?

July 1, 2020



Does Finnish use the adessive case '-llä' to denote 'have'? I noticed Irish does the same thing, someone doesn't HAVE the book, rather, the book is AT them.


In Finnish, it's more like the owned thing is on them, although it doesn't inherently include ownership, even if it is implied. The case that explicitly expresses ownership is genitive. But yes, it does denote having something. Among several other things.


Should order "on hänellä" be considered correct?


It is not incorrect. However I feel like the possession is weaker if the word order is changed. If you ask "millainen koira hänellä on?", I tend to think that she/he is the owner of the dog. But if you ask "millainen koira on hänellä", I get the feeling that she/he is kind of just holding a dog temporarily.


Is "Hänellä " meaning is doesn't??


No, it doesn't. "Hänellä" alone means something like "at/on him/her", and (among other thing) it is used in the expression "hänellä on" which translates to "he/she has" in English.

"Does(n't)" is used in English as an auxiliary verb in questions like "Does he eat eggs?" instead of using the main verb directly like "*Eats he eggs?".

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