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  5. "Onko meillä vielä limonadia?"

"Onko meillä vielä limonadia?"

Translation:Do we have any soda pop left?

July 1, 2020



lol @ the machine pronunciation of 'limonadia'


I believe the answer "Do we still have soda pop" should be accepted.


Yes, as well as "do we still have soda pop left"... But I think reporting helps more than commenting


Or "Do we still have any soda pop/soft drink"


Who says soda pop in English?


soda pop and soft drink are the versions that can be used anywhere, especially in writing. soda, pop, fizzy drink, and others are regional variants. :)


Soda pop is really uncommon, no one in Australia or New Zealand would say that. Soft drink would be common here and fizzy drink


My little dictionary lists viela as an adverb meaning more or as an adjective meaning any. Since it is apparently intended to modify lemonade the logical translation is any. The term soda pop is silly just because it is a regional archaic or dialect term for the American gold standard, soft drink.


No one says soda pop in Canads or US. Regionally it's one or the other. Not sure what the UK or Aus do.


I had a north of England colleague born in the '60s who would say "pop", but pretty much everyone else I know says "fizzy drink". I've spent a few years in NZ and can report that Kiwis say "fizzy drink" too (well ... "fuzzy drunk" actually!).


"do we have any lemonade left?" should also count or why not?


Is the pronunciation of "limonadia" correct?


No, it should be an "ah" sound.


Nope. Still "limonAYdia" as at 15.08.21 :-/


The changes on the pronunciation of this word were finally entered in the system last week. I'm not sure how long it will take for my edit to appear in the actual course, since this is a new tool and I'm still learning the ropes. The good news is that the proper soda will be offered to everyone relatively soon though. fingers crossed :)

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