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"A word or a sentence?"

Translation:Sana vai lause?

July 1, 2020



Is my answer also possible? Sanako vai lause? However I can imagine that the word vai means it is a question and that because of that -ko isn't used here. Can someone clarify?


Context matters but I would parse it differently: "Sanako? Vai lause?": "A word? Or [do you mean] a sentence?"


Hmm, I think you could say: "Sana vai lauseko?". However, the actual sentence meant here is "Onko tämä/se/tuo sana vai lause?" (Is this/that a word or a clause?), and there you already have the -kO ending attached to the word "on", making it the question word.

By the way, "lause" is not really the same as a "sentence", although people use it to mean that. A "virke" is a "sentence" and a "lause" is a "clause" as in "päälause" (main clause), "sivulause" (subordinate clause), etc.


Sana vaiko lause is just as correct as snaa vai lause, sanako vai lause or sana vai lauseko.

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