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"Miksi sinä et juokse, vaikka me olemme myöhässä!"

Translation:Why are you not running, although we are late!

July 1, 2020



Why is "even though" instead of "although" wrong.


Probably just because it was designed as a choosing the words from boxes excercise and they haven't quite allowed for people typing yet.

Report it. In this sentence "even though" is better than "although".


I think a bettet translation is: why are you not running? We are late.


It is better, you're right. And "even though" is preferable to "although."

[deactivated user]

    This is not a translation. It is a different way of saying the same thing i.e. style. I know in my language we might say it the same way they put it here in Finnish.


    When in English it sounds like a really poor translation (practically pidgin English) ... that is when it needs to be modified. No point in having an English translation that sounds like something they might say in your language, surely?


    Yes, this is a much better-sounding translation (more natural), and it allows for the question mark, too, which ought to be there by rights when there's a question being asked.


    "Even though" instead of "although."


    how I know is a question? You forgot to put this mark: ???????


    'Miksi' (why) indicates that it is a question even without the question mark.


    shouldn't "even though" be allowed, it is in another very similar excercise

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