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"J'ai mis du citron dans la sauce, alors elle est acide."

Translation:I put lemon in the sauce, so it is sour.

July 1, 2020



"I put lemon in the sauce, so it is acidic" was rejected. Duolingo doesn't know "sour" = "acidic"


i put some lemon in the sauce so it is sour What's wrong?


Same question.....?


Maybe the comma? This is my first encounter and my first attempt in answering, this is what I put and it was accepted.

Edit: I changed the pic, the first pic i put did not include the "You are correct" message


"I put some lemon in the sauce, so it is sour"marked incorrect! I don't know if this is happening because this is a new skill tree and it hasn't been revised but there are entirely too many simple errors on here. Yes, I get that Duo is free software but that doesn't mean it can be as needlessly frustrating as it wants


Apparently they think it's easier to just make us refine the course for them


Exactly. They put out the default translations and it is up to the user community to refine it with variations. If this annoys you, maybe you could work on a more established part of the course for a while as this new section is improved.


'I put some lemon in the sauce so it is acid' - there's something wrong with this? Honestly sometimes I wonder . . .


I put some lemon in the sauce, so it is tart. ✅

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