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  5. "Miksi mehu on oranssia?"

"Miksi mehu on oranssia?"

Translation:Why is the juice orange?

July 1, 2020



Because it’s appelsiinimehu?

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Because it contains dyes.


It's orange juice...


Any specific reason why i have to add the article? Is the phrase: "why is juice orange" not the same in this case?

[deactivated user]

    It would be odd in English to say "why is juice orange" when we all know for a fact that not all juice everywhere is orange. We would be discussing a specific instance of orange juice and thus use the.


    You may be right, but it would still not be impossible to ask "Why is juice orange?" for some reason (maybe a child knows juice made from oranges only, and so he or she asks this question). So in my opinion it should be correct, too.


    Why do I have to use a partitive for "black soda pop" (limonadi on mustaa) but not for orange juice (mehu on oranssia)?


    But you just used partitive for both:

    musta --> mustaa

    oranssi --> oranssia


    Oh dear. Now that I see it, it seems completely logical. Thanks a lot!


    Hei everyone.

    I'm also a bit confused about why the English translation requires the definite article + why it's incorrect to say "Why is juice orange?" which though odd is a grammatically is a perfectly valid question (and no stranger than many Duolingo examples


    Why the juice is orange* should be accepted , no reason why it's wrong. Fix it.

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