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"Nuo opettajat syövät jäätelöä."

Translation:Those teachers eat ice cream.

July 1, 2020



"Are eating" is also right


Why not "those teachers are eating ice cream"?


That should be accepted since Finnish does not have a continuous tense and most of the time English phrases like these are translated in present tense in Finnish.


It is really inconsistent, sometimes it is right for other sentances which have the same structure and other times it is not.


Sometimes Finnish does make only one option possible in English because the case objects are marked in can show whether we're talking about the entire action (accusative) or a point on the time line within the action (partitive), but in this case, because "cake" can be uncountable, it could be either "eat" or "are eating". Just note that that is not always the case.


As per other comments 'are eating' should also be accepted. Earlier in the course, the 'are .... ing' form was accepted.


Remember, we are still in beta here. Just report all suggestions


In previous sections, it was always "some ice cream", but in this section if I write "Those teachers eat some ice cream" it is wrong. I'm OK either way, if only the course was more consistent...


It's still in the beta stage, so it's important people report (flag) all the mistakes, missing translations etc. there are so the team can fix them and create a well functioning and fun course for learners. :)


Simple present? Present progressive? What tense are we working on, now? They eat or they are eating?


It can be both.

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