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  5. "Kaunis laulu on venäläinen."

"Kaunis laulu on venäläinen."

Translation:The beautiful song is Russian.

July 1, 2020



I entered "The pretty song is Russian". As a native speaker I think it should be accepted. The difference between pretty and beautiful is vague at best in English, and in Finnish it's especially vague because we don't go to emotional extremes that much.


I had translated it as The pretty song is Russian (and got it wrong). So what is the Finnish word for pretty?


"Pretty" as an adjective is usually translated as "nätti". You could also use "sievä" (this word is a bit more old-fashioned than "nätti") or even "soma" in some cases. "Soma" is often used of cute things, and so it can replace "söpö" in certain situations too.


You show "lovely" as a translation for "kaunis" in the hints but then don't accept it in the translation. Whether it is an exact translation is debatable but please make up your mind about whether you consider it acceptable or not. Personally, I'd say "kaunis" is mostly the same as "pretty", both in Finnish and Estonian but of course no synonym is ever entirely exact.


I put "the beautiful song is Russian" too as an English speaker its correct starting with "A or The" doesnt really matter. I think both should be accepted

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