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  5. "Are you good at nestball?"

"Are you good at nestball?"

Translation:Oletko sinä hyvä pesäpallossa?

July 1, 2020



Also "sinä" is not essential here, sentence should be marked as correct also without it


Nestball anyone? I google imaged pesäpallo and it looks like it could mabe be baseball or rounders. Any ideas?


It's an odd choice by the course contributors to refer to it as "nestball", since that is far from a well-established term in English, but the reason behind it is most likely the fact that Finnish baseball differs significantly from what is commonly known as baseball around the world, so when a Finn speaks of "pesäpallo", they are probably not talking of baseball as you know it.


They could have just left it as "pesäpallo" since they have already done that with words like mämmi and sisu. And even if you look for it from Wikipedia, the English article also talks about pesäpallo, or just Finnish baseball.

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