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  5. "Yeah, no."

"Yeah, no."

Translation:Joo, ei.

July 1, 2020



As someone who sarcastically says "Yeah... no" a lot, I appreciate this lesson. Lol

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Just some two cents: A good rule of thumb in Finnish is that the negation is almost always stronger and takes precedence even if there are affirmative words (kyllä, joo) mixed in.

Haluaisitko tilata lehden? (would you like to order a magazine?)
Juu en tilaa (oh, no I won't)

Mennäänkö pilkille tänään? (are we going ice fishing today?)
No ei kyllä mennä! (no we really aren't going!)


I'd write the Finnish phrase without the comma. The English phrase should retain the comma.


Joo ei.

... ;)

"Joo ei" actually means something like "❤❤❤❤ no! Definitely not!"


'Jee' on väärin.


Who, in the English speaking world, ever spells the affirmative word as yeah? Is not yah a more common rendering of that word?


A lot of people spell the affirmative word 'yeah'. A Google search reveals 780,000,000 results for 'yeah', while 'yah' gets only 150,000,000, much of which refering to things like the Hebrew Yahweh, the Egyptian Yah/Lah, an interjection expressing disgust, etc.

Personally, I've seen 'yes', 'yeah', 'yep', 'yup' and old-fashioned 'yea', but never 'yah'.

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