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  5. "This parakeet is green."

"This parakeet is green."

Translation:Tämä undulaatti on vihreä.

July 1, 2020



undulaatti is not a very useful animal to learn if one were living in Finland and trying to learn the language


This word was chosen particularly to accommodate the needs of those learners who are native English speakers. First, the word is derived from the same root as the English verb "to undulate". Second, it has several sound combinations, which English speakers find difficult. Double A is difficult for speakers of American English. Double T is difficult for all speakers of English who speak a variety that has aspirated T's (including all American, Australian, and European varieties). English speakers also struggle with stress not affecting the quality of sounds, which is why the initial "un" turns very easily into "an" (speakers of Russian have similar problems). Having a familiar looking word with those helps a lot. Third, parakeets are more common in Finland than turtles and parrots, which are the most common go-to animals in Pets skills on Duolingo. Also, kilpikonna and papukaija are both long compound words with not the most obvious building blocks. :)


Wow. I'm really impressed by so much thought you gave this!


why is this question in the language 1 module?

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