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Interactive Stories for Hindi?

Hi Hindi learners, as many people have been requesting stories for new languages, I started a community project to collect all custom translations of stories in one place.

An the best is that I designed them fully interactive with an experience almost like the original duolingo stories!

Unoffical Duolingo Stories

We have already a couple of languages with in total over 70+ stories already translated.

If some hindi speakers would be willing to contribute translations to Hindi, we could extend the project to this language.

What do you think? Would there be people willing to translate stories to Hindi?

July 1, 2020



Wow, I signed up. Seems pretty great actually! I belive there will be Hindi Learners that want to contribute. Good Luck!


Hey, it would be pretty great if you could add Italian Stories. I would love that


There are already contributors who want to make Italian stories, so they could but there soon!


I’d love to help. I am almost finished with my Hindi Tree but I just hope that I can skip things that I may not know and that people will still check my work too.


You can register at the site and tell me here in the forum your username, than I can get you on the team. If we have a couple of volunteers it would be good if you check each others work. In the long run I am planning to implement a quality control system but therefor we need enough people.


My username is ABIB317, I think I signed up from the link that you provided. I will recheck just in case. I look forward to being able to help! :)


I did send you an e-mail to the address you registered with with further instructions. Welcome to the team!


This is such a creative and daunting project kudos for that mate. I am a native hindi speaker so please let me know if I can be of any help. I did register as user: saanumathew


Great! I did send you an e-mail.


great work! thank you :)


Awesome initiative! I'm only half way through the Hindi tree myself, but in the future i hope i'll be able to contribute to this project as well.

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