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  5. "tyttö ja poika"

"tyttö ja poika"

Translation:a girl and a boy

July 1, 2020



Anyone care to comment on any etymological connection between suomalainen "poika" and svenska "pojke"? (Almost identical pronunciation, for anyone not nutty enough to be taking Suomalainen ja Svenska at the same time.)


Yes, apparently the word is an old loan word from Finnish to Swedish. More often the loans go to the other direction, but this is a case where Finnish has the original!


Kiitos. I'll keep my eyes open for further examples.

Over in the Svenska classroom, I noticed that they're adamant that the word sauna is NOT acceptable Swedish, so there are apparently limits to the linguistic exchange.


Hmm, yes, I don't think Swedish speaking Finns use "sauna" either. Man badar bastu, that's just how it is.


It's quite rare for words to be borrowed from Finnish to Swedish since Sweden was so culturally dominant in the past. The other way around there are literally thousands of loan words, but some of them are so old that they are hard to recognise - Finnish favours single consonants in the beginning of a word and vowels at the end, so the Swedish "strand" becomes the Finnish "ranta" once Finns have been using the word long enough.


I am swedish and I can say that i find some words here and there that sounds familiar. Wich is allways comforting when learning a new language


I put "girl and a boy," and it was marked as wrong. personally, I think this should be allowed! Just my opinion though


Agreed! But also "boy and girl", since it isn't fully made clear

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